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Tiny House Building Plans

Are you interested in purchasing Tiny House Building Plans but want to be sure that you're getting the right ones at the right price?

Building a Tiny House is a great idea and can be a very rewarding experience, but to avoid wasting your valuable time and money we’ve compiled some essential first steps for you DIY-ers. Let's Take a Closer Look:

Part 1- Before you Build
This is a very crucial part of the building process. You wouldn’t buy a truck-load of lumber, invite some friends over on a Sunday afternoon and start to build a 3-bedroom rancher. Ideally, you would have a plan and some great building plans. When it comes to building a tiny house we recommend these same action steps, that way you can avoid pitfalls and have a fairly smooth ride as you embark on this very important task, one that could take you more than one thousand hours to complete and requires a financial investment as well.


Consider Your Budget
Your budget will determine whether you choose to DIY, consult with a builder, or customize a pre-made model or shell. It will help you make informed decisions about appliances, features and the like.


Ask Yourself:
-What you will be using your tiny house for? This makes all the difference when choosing the right plans.
– Do You have a site for your tiny house?

– Have you researched the zoning laws in the area you’re thinking of?

Be sure that you take the time to learn about the best way to connect your trailer, and what type of trailer you will need. 

Prepare for the move! Get rid of the clutter and make space for what’s really important.


Part 2- Construction details that your plan should cover
Wall Framing
Windows And Door Rough Openings
Roof Framing and Sheathing
Trim Work
Install Roofing
Rough Plumbing
Install Major Appliances
Sleeping Loft
Main Room

This is a BIG and Important List!
We recommend that you make an informed decision about who builds your Tiny House, how you go about the process and of course what plans you will use.


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