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Are you curious about Tiny Homes in Canada? Here are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions:

The Industry

Why are Tiny Homes so popular?

Great question! Tiny Homes became popularized in the US around 2008, during the economic crash. They offered a more affordable housing solution where people could still own their home. Since then, the movement has grown to Canada for pretty much the same reason — people want an alternative to the traditional mortgage. There are other reasons as well; such as the mobility, helping the environment and being a part of the small home community.

What's the difference between a tiny house and an RV?

There are several things that differentiate the 2:

Air Quality: RV’s come with more plastic/ petrochemical components, which some people consider more toxic.  While you can renovate an RV, it’s easier to start with a tiny house which is generally built to be more like a home.

Climate Control: Tiny Homes are both warmer and cooler, built for all season living. RV’s are generally best for milder climates.

Off-Grid Living: In today’s world of stress on natural resources and rampant population growth, unplugging from the main power systems are appealing. Tiny homes can be solar powered, include composting toilets and use rainwater collection, making things a lot easier on the environment. RV’s don’t have that ability.

Personal Style: Tiny Homes come in a variety of designs which are generally considered more “homey” than an RV. Owners can also build and customize their tiny, just like with a traditional house. The signature touch is very appealing, especially when the space is going to be your home.

Part of a meaningful social movement: Like the RV community, living Tiny represents a value system that a lot of people are passionate about. They are people who value personal freedom, living debt-free, having more time for what matters to them, the health and wellness of our planet, community living and more.

I heard that tiny homes are expensive, is that true?

There are 2 important points on this. Firstly, Tiny home prices can range from  $10k all the way up to $125k (take a look here for examples of both). Sure, $125k is expensive for a home that is under 400 square feet, however, that is considered a luxury model and is not the benchmark for ‘affordable housing’. Just like with traditional homes, there are a lot of ways to save money going tiny. The BEST way is to build your own tiny house, hands down. Some people have even done it for under $10k using salvaged parts, and yet their homes are full of character and comfort. If you go with a builder, you are going to spend more but all of the work is done for you and it’s done by a pro. The builders know what they’re doing. If you are going to build your own tiny, make sure that you have your ducks in order. 

Secondly; the tiny house industry is only now shaping up to become a mainstream lifestyle. The Tiny Home Alliance of Canada is working on behalf of Canadians to get them added to the national code, and once those amendments (which have already been submitted) are approved; industry players will be even more involved (builders, city planners, local gov’t, etc), and regulations will change. The prices might go up and the market may become more competitive. And then like all new products and services, more companies will start producing for the market, and then the prices will level out. This is a likely possibility. We will keep you posted as always.

The short answer here is; if you want to save a lot of money — build your own tiny house. You could save like $50k or more.

Our Website

What is the purpose of this website?

Tiny House listings Canada is the MLS of tiny homes. We only list tiny homes, we don’t build or sell them directly ourselves. All of the listings on this website belong to people that you must contact directly for inquiries, we’re just here to connect the dots.

We also play a huge role in advocating for this industry, for 2 reasons; we support affordable housing and because we appreciate the peace of mind that comes with the lifestyle. We have a large community that we are part of on our Facebook page.

I want to sell my tiny house on your website -- what should I do?

Great plan! You’ll get lots of eyeballs on your listing for sure. To add a FREE listing, just follow these steps:

1- click here.
2- follow the instructions for registering with your email and a password.
3- login to your profile.
4- fill in the details about your listing (and save it!)
5- wait to hear from us for approval- we just want to be sure you completed everything A-OK, and that we have everything that we need. It doesn’t take long to hear back from us, it often happens within 1-2 days. Hang tight!
6- share your listing with friends and family on Facebook 🙂

To add a FEATURED listing, follow the same directions as above but click the FEATURED LISTING option on the left. It’s $21.99 a month and you can cancel anytime. It will get a huge amount of exposure on our homepage and the featured listing section of the site.

I'm a bit nervous about sharing my location in the listing -- what should I do?

That’s totally fine, we get it. You can leave the address section part of your listing blank but be sure to add the province, and then when you get direct inquiries you can handle the rest. And stay tuned to news updates about the changing regulations in your area.


I found a listing I'm interested in but there's no contact information on it, can you help?

Sure, we’d love to help! Firstly; make sure that the contact information isn’t in the listing description itself, sometimes people put it right in that section. If that’s not the case then the listing has unfortunately expired and isn’t available anymore. Take a look at the search bar for another like it in your area or price range. And watch our Facebook page for new listings too, we post them there on occasion.

How do I change my listing?

To change a listing, use your login details and then go ahead and do so in your profile. If you have problems, contact us.

How do I get more interest in my listing? I REALLY want people to get in touch!

Of course you do, and we want you to be successful with your listing as well. Here’s what we recommend:

– Be sure that your description is as detailed as possible. If you don’t like writing, ask a friend to help or take a look at MLS listings online for good examples. Listings that are very thorough get a LOT more inquiries. Be sure that you add details about the features, the size, amenities, the year it was built etc.

If you’re looking for; or offering land or parking, be sure that you share a little bit about yourself.

PICTURES. People want to see pictures, a LOT of them. 1 picture isn’t recommended, you should add at least 5. The best listings have about 15 images (for tiny homes).

Good pictures. Treat your listing like a catalogue sale. Treat it like a window display at the best store you can think of. Make sure that before you take pictures, you tidy up, remove clutter and even stage your tiny house. And make sure that the orientation of the image is correct when you upload it! Don’t add an image if it’s upside down or sideways. Do it like a pro.


More questions!

I'm a curious person and I have a lot more questions. What should I do?

Ahhh, so you are really super interested in tiny homes, you say? Well in that case, if we can’t help you here then perhaps check out our blog, or visit the #1 information resource in Canada for tiny homes- the Tiny Home Alliance of Canada. They’ve got it all!

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