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Tiny House National Building Code Request

Jun 09, 2017
In March of 2017, 10 code amendments were submitted on behalf of the Canadian Tiny Home movement. We will keep you ...
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Are young Canadians facing a looming housing...

Mar 17, 2017
Despite being a huge and wealthy country - the statistics are in on housing affordability in Canada. As it turns ou ...
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The Benefits of “CSA” Standards

Jan 16, 2017
RV VIN number-- Tiny House buzzwords that you might have heard by now. If you plan on living in a tiny house, havin ...
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Habitat for Humanity builds modular homes fo...

Nov 11, 2016
When you're a low-income family with children, struggling to get by, owning your own home can seem like a distant r ...
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The Tiny House with Everything

Sep 20, 2016
There are so many tiny homes and they range in features, price, size and more. In this blog we take a look at what ...
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