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Tiny House Communities in Canada – Full List

Do you want to live in a Tiny House in Canada, but can’t find a place to park and live in your charming abode?     This list of Tiny House Communities in Canada will help! In British Columbia, take a look at Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village near Terrace, British Columbia offers tiny houses for rent from Hummingbird Micro Homes starting at $750 per month. For those who …

Tiny House National Building Code Request

In March of 2017, 10 code amendments were submitted on behalf of the Canadian Tiny Home movement. We will keep you updated here on the outcome, and in the meantime, if you are planning on building or buying a tiny home, you can review them here. Why highly recommend that you follow these guidelines.  NBC Code Change Request PDF   To learn more about the …

Are young Canadians facing a looming housing crisis?

Despite being a huge and wealthy country – the statistics are in on housing affordability in Canada. As it turns out, people over 40 are (generally) doing fairly well, But for the rest of us there’s a lot to worry about. So are young Canadians stuck with being renters for the rest of our lives? What are the issues on a systemic level, and what are the options that we have?

The Benefits of “CSA” Standards

RV VIN number– Tiny House buzzwords that you might have heard by now. If you plan on living in a tiny house, having a CSA Z240 RV certified Tiny means that according to the industry, it meets specific standards and is intended for use as a permanent residence. Knowing about CSA certification can make or break your Tiny Home buyers experience!

Modular Homes — a Solution to Environmental Problems?

Have you ever wondered — what exactly, is a modular home? How do they differ from mobile homes, or traditional homes? And what is their impact on the environment? Learn more about how a modular home could save you money while helping to save the planet.

Building a “Green” Tiny House in BC, Canada

Do you ever wonder what living in a home without toxins would be like? Does living in a house without VOC’s, formaldehyde and chemical-laden concrete appeal to you? A young woman in BC decided to find out if it was possible to build her own Toxin-Free Tiny House– this is the story of her struggles, what she learned about building a healthier home and what she would do differently next time.

Habitat for Humanity builds modular homes for families

When you’re a low-income family with children, struggling to get by, owning your own home can seem like a distant reality with financing being a huge barrier. So can you imagine how excited these 2 families were when their dreams of affordable home ownership were achieved? Learn about this uplifting project between Habitat for Humanity and GreenTerra Homes- some news to make you smile.

The True-Life Tiny House Story that Inspired the Movie “Up”

We’ve all seen the charming Disney movie called “UP”- an elderly man refuses to leave his tiny home while his neighborhood is being torn down for construction. Just as the developers are at his heels, he floats the home away with hundreds of helium balloons. This David Vs Goliath story is based on the true story of 84-year-old Edith Macefield who declined a 1 million dollar offer from her local city developers, who wanted to tear her home down for development.

Tiny House Legalities- Up To Date News

Tiny Homes are on the brink of becoming legalised in the US, with only 1 phase left to be passed on November 8th. What does this mean for Canadians and how can we follow suit? How did they do it and how long did it take? Details here.

The Top 5 Barriers In The Tiny House Movement

The Tiny House movement is pretty new in the grand scheme of things and on top of that; it’s also a social movement. History shows that cultural and lifestyle changes inevitably come with pushback and some initial barriers that the people involved might face. In this blog we discuss the top 5 most common barriers to becoming a Tiny House owner; along with the most popular solutions that the worldwide community suggests.

Tiny Homes- A Real Estate Asset?

The Tiny House movement is a wonderful shift towards sustainable living, but one of the burning questions on people’s minds is — are tiny homes in Canada considered a real estate asset? Do they increase in value over time? In an economy that relies heavily on the success of real estate investing, coupled with a housing crisis faced by Generation Squeeze, we wanted to take a closer look at this question. Here is what we found.

Solar Powered Eco Dwelling

Could this be the home of the future? These solar-powered, expandable eco dwellings take only moments to expand to 3x their size, while supplying solar energy, giving ample sunlight and everything that you need to live off-grid. They are also great for emergency shelters, travelling businesses and even helping refugees and the homeless.

Want to finance a tiny home in Canada? Here’s how!

For many Canadians the thought of owning a home is more of a distant dream than a reality. A recent article from Market Watch discusses this very topic while featuring tiny home owner Ryan Mitchell- his story is a great example of how US grad students are findings ways to purchase tiny homes, a sustainable lifestyle solution for the- “how will I afford it?” question.

The Tiny House with Everything

There are so many tiny homes and they range in features, price, size and more. In this blog we take a look at what $120k Canadian can get you, including a shower AND bathtub, king size loft, amazing storage turned kitchen table and more. Add this one to your “must have” list!

Shipping Container Home Before and After- with Photos

If you want to own a home but you cannot afford it don’t be discouraged, the problem is becoming more and more common in Canada and beyond. Check out what you can do with $50k and an otherwise wasted shipping container.

Tiny Place, Big Lights

Have you ever wondered where the most enchanting place to watch the Northern Lights is? Well, look no more! These Tiny Glass Domes are the perfect place to sit back and relax while you watch the most incredible visual feast you’ve likely ever encountered. This is the Kakslauttanen Adventure Resort in Finland and you have to see it to believe it.

Shipping Container Homes in Canada and Beyond

While they aren’t for everyone, there’s no stopping the growth of Shipping Container Homes in Canada and beyond.
They are appearing everywhere and the designs just keep getting better and better- for example; this one designed by Patrick Partouche, a MUST SEE even for skeptics.

Engineer Couple Designs Incredible Off-Grid Tiny Home

Some people take all of the precautions when building a Tiny Home- carefully researching plans, going to workshops and sometimes opting to just purchase a ready-made unit. Well, engineers Tina and Luke Orlando who had NO experience decided to bypass all of that and instead, designed and built their own Tiny House from scratch.

Shipping Container Market Pops up in Toronto

Along with the cost of living in Canada- fruit, vegetables, and meat prices are also more expensive than they were at this time last year. Fresh vegetable and fruit prices are up from a year ago. An innovative idea has cropped up in Toronto- using upcycled shipping containers as fresh farm markets.

Esk’et Tiny House- A Culturally Inspired Design

In the lower half of British Columbia you’ll find Alkali Lake (Esk’et), part of the Esk’etemc First Nation community of the Secwepemc Nation. Follow the B&B roads signs through the valley 18 km beyond where the pavement ends and you’ll come to a very special tiny house.

10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Previously-Owned Tiny House

A Tiny House is an investment and just like buying a car, you’ll want to do some research beforehand. Whether it’s purchasing a custom-built, building your own or buying gently used, be sure that you know these 10 tips so that you don’t learn the hard way!

Boy with Autism Dreams of Tiny Home

Meet the little boy with autism that cannot stop thinking about living in a tiny house, a dream come true for both his and his mother. Learn more about their story and how you can help them live tiny.

The Psychology of Tiny House Living

What kind of people actually live in Tiny Homes, and Why? In this blog post we take a closer look at the psychology behind Tiny House people, the decisions they make and where the movement might be headed.

Traditional VS Tiny House

Considering how small they are, why are Tiny Houses even a thing? The reasons are clear when you zoom out and take a look at what they can offer the planet and society at large. Read more here to learn the differences between Tiny Homes vs Traditional Homes.

How Solar Panels Work

Despite the popularity, a lot of us don’t understand how solar panels actually work. Here’s a quick “how solar panels work” guide to the steps that it takes to turn sunlight into electricity using solar panels.

Shipping Container Homes

Like tiny homes, shipping container homes fulfill some very unique and growing lifestyle values: eco-design, helping the environment, upcycling and in this case, some very curious looks from the neighbors. More here.

Tiny House or RV?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between an RV and a Tiny House is? Obviously the exteriors are designed differently, but what else? Find out here.

Tiny Homes for Seniors: Meeting Healthcare Needs (pt 2 of 3)

In part 2 of this 3 part series we take a closer look at exactly what would be required to ensure that Health Care needs are met for Seniors considering living in Tiny Homes.

Tiny Homes for Seniors: A Three-Part Series, pt 1

Do stories about care facilities worry you? In this special 3 part series we address the benefits of a tiny house life for seniors, meeting health care needs, lifestyle possibilities and more.

So You Want to Build a Tiny House?

You’ve been dreaming of the lifestyle for a while now and you’ve finally made the decision to take the plunge – but are you really ready to build a tiny house? We’ve compiled some essential first steps for you.

Living the Dream- BC Couple Work, Play and Travel Off-Grid

Living a Dream Life that many of us can only imagine- Mark Coelho and Raphaelle Gagnon are are nomadic Canadians working in the remote wildness of British Columbia Canada, even running a business from their converted cube van. We followed them for a day, here’s what we learned about this crafty and adventurous couple.

A Tiny House Christmas: ten tiny gingerbread houses to make this holiday season

If you enjoy tiny houses, you’ll love these tiny gingerbread houses. They are tiny, delicious, and perfect for the holidays!

When Red Tape Gets In The Way

As the Tiny House Movement grows, many people are running up against red tape. So before you put your energy into Tiny Living we suggest that you take a closer look at the following important practicalities.

4 Fun Storage Ideas for your Tiny House

Downsizing to a tiny house doesn’t mean you have to throw away your trinkets, or rent a storage locker for your winter coats; it just means you have to make every inch count.

Tiny Is The New Big

We all know the old saying that “less is more”, but what about when it comes to your house? Read more for 6 Reasons why the Tiny House movement is going to be big over the coming decades

Getting Off The Grid

LaMar Alexander grew up in a homesteading family. For him, self-sufficiency, including gardening, raising animals and “doing for ourselves” was normal and necessary.

The Housing Crunch

We all know housing prices have gone way up. It’s great news for some. Since many of our parents and grandparents bought homes decades ago, far higher housing prices mean far more wealth.

The Newest Tiny House Technologies

There are a lot of options that you can get when you purchase or build a Tiny House. From bucket compost toilets to solar cells and Tesla batteries, there are many options.

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4 Fun Storage Ideas for your Tiny House

Nov 24, 2015
Downsizing to a tiny house doesn’t mean you have to throw away your trinkets, or rent a storage locker for your win [more]
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Tiny Is The New Big

Nov 06, 2015
We all know the old saying that "less is more", but what about when it comes to your house? Read more for 6 Reasons [more]
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Getting Off The Grid

Oct 20, 2015
LaMar Alexander grew up in a homesteading family. For him, self-sufficiency, including gardening, raising animals a [more]
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The Housing Crunch

Oct 20, 2015
We all know housing prices have gone way up. It’s great news for some. Since many of our parents and grandparents b [more]
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The Newest Tiny House Technologies

Oct 20, 2015
There are a lot of options that you can get when you purchase or build a Tiny House. From bucket compost toilets to [more]
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