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Tiny House Legalities- Up To Date News

Posted by Administrator on October 25, 2016

Tiny Homes are on the brink of being written into the US Building Code (international residential building code/ IRC). What does this mean if you want a tiny house in Canada?

An amazing team of Tiny House Pioneers in the US recently brought their (very strong) case to the ICC council in Kansas where there proposed amendments to the building code were approved (tiny house appendix, known as case number RB-168-16). The final vote count was 81 in favor and 34 against- five over the 2/3 majority required. There were tears of joy, ear-to-ear smiles, and even some applause from the building officials and fire marshals. 



How they did it

Weeks before the hearings actually began, some of the finest tiny house folks (American) assembled to create a team to defend the tiny house proposal.  This team included Macy Miller, BA Norrgard, Jeremy Weaver, Meg Stephens, James Herndon, Zack Giffin, and David Latimer. The team had the honor of being mentored by ICC hearing veterans Martin Hammer and David Eisenberg. Martin and David were co-authors of the straw bale code that was recently added into the 2015 IRC. They know all about presenting new technologies to the ICC, including dangerous pitfalls to stay clear of.

But…. It’s not over yet!

The last step is a final vote which will take place during a two-week window that starts on November 8th.


If (let’s say when) this happens, we have a stronger case when presenting to our own federal officials. We will have to assemble an equally knowledgeable team and follow a similar route. Who will be involved? We’re not sure yet but this week we’re going to contact the people that we know and see who is willing to help.
It took the Americans a while but the work is paying off! SO there’s no reason (that we can see) that this cannot happen here in Canada, AND now we have a case to show to our own officials of how it’s done 🙂


to learn more read the full story here-…/



We want to say a big THANKS to the folks in the US who are paving the way for this whole movement- you guys are SO awesome 🙂!!!



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