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Engineer Couple Designs Incredible Off-Grid Tiny Home


Some people take all of the precautions when building a Tiny Home- carefully researching plans, going to workshops and sometimes opting to just purchase a ready-made unit. Well, engineers Tina and Luke Orlando who had NO experience decided to bypass all of that and instead, designed and built their own Tiny House from scratch. Their ingenuity and courage obviously paid off because this is the result and it’s an incredible off-grid home loaded with awesome features like tons of storage space for all of their neat gear as well as plenty of pet-friendly nooks and cranny’s. And it’s sustainably built!



(Credit: Patrick Treadway Photography)


The project took 18 months to complete but the couple considered it a labour of love that was well worth the wait.  Located in Oregon, the house totals 204sq ft and is everything that they hoped for and more. Using their combined experience in civil and mechanical engineering, the couple mocked up plans and 3D models while considering storage space, off-grid function and pet-friendly living. The Orlandos also tackled issues like zoning restrictions, size, plumbing and everything that goes into building a tiny house. Once they were clear on their needs, they hired Daystar Tiny Homes to actually build their house, which also boasts a beautiful rooftop deck.




(Credit: Patrick Treadway Photography)


The home is well thought out to say the least.

With an active outdoor lifestyle and pets, the couple needed not only the basics of a great home but design features that allow them to live comfortable with everything they need. This includes an L-shaped couch that pulls out into a guest bed, a wall-mounted TV, and a storage loft above. The composting toilet, rainwater collection system, a roof-based solar array, and battery backup allow the basecamp tiny house to operate totally off the grid. Customized furniture and cabinets, as well as live-edge and redwood features add warmth and style to the home. Additionally, their house includes foldaway furniture, kennel space for their dogs and collapsible built-in food and water bowls. The rainwater harvest for the dogs to drink from is absolutely charming!






Off-Grid Warriors 

The Orlando’s knew what they wanted when they designed their off-grid tiny house. The Basecamp operates with a roof-based solar array and battery backup as well as rainwater collection system. Heating and cooking are fueled by propane gas while grey-water system and on-demand water heater are used.

Here is some more eye candy to motivate YOU to design and build an amazing Tiny House! And if you are super inspired by the Basecamp, the team of Engineers turned tiny house designers have set up a website for the Basecamp tiny house and are selling plans for it.


Check out the building plans here




Solar Powered, Off-Grid, Pet-Friendly and All the Freedom- THIS is Tiny House Living!



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