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Category Archives: Housing crisis

In All Fairness

Mar 23, 2023
Generational Fairness Have you heard the term “generational fairness”? And if so, does it make you crin ...
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Tiny House Communities in Canada – Ful...

Jul 20, 2017
Do you want to live in a Tiny House in Canada, but can’t find a place to park or live in your tiny house?  MARCH 2023 – we are in the process of updating this list, so please stay tuned. N ...
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Tiny House National Building Code Request

Jun 09, 2017
In March of 2017, 10 code amendments were submitted on behalf of the Canadian Tiny Home movement. We will keep you ...
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Are young Canadians facing a looming housing...

Mar 17, 2017
Despite being a huge and wealthy country - the statistics are in on housing affordability in Canada. As it turns ou ...
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