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A Tiny House Christmas: ten tiny gingerbread houses to make this holiday season

Posted by samwatkins on December 22, 2015
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If you enjoy tiny houses, you’ll love these tiny gingerbread houses. They are tiny, delicious, and perfect for the holidays. Dive into this fun activity with your family, friends, or on your own. Think of it as training for building a real tiny house.

1. Our friends at The Tiny Life made this wonderful tiny house on wheels. It’s just the right size for a Christmas sprite.


2. We are amazed by the effort and creativity put into some of these tiny gingerbread houses. Check out this magical tiny village. We’d love to see more real tiny house villages pop up across Canada.



3. This tiny gingerbread house with a peppermint roof is a great accessory for a cup of hot cocoa. You can get the recipe at not martha.  Cookie cutters for these fantastic mug huggers are available on Etsy.



4. You can’t eat these festive tiny gingerbread houses – but you can wear them!


Photo  credit: Gimmeswords

5. Maybe you’d prefer a tiny gingerbread house that is a little more permanent? Rummage through your recycling for some cardboard and try your hand at making these brilliant tiny cardboard gingerbread houses courtesy of Little Red Window.



6. This spoonful of tiny gingerbread house looks delicious but it’s not for eating. It’s miniature art by Stéphanie Kilgast. More of her tiny gingerbread house creations can be found on her website.




7. For a fun and easy no-bake way to make tiny gingerbread houses we suggest using graham crackers.



8. This is by far the most elaborate tiny gingerbread house that we came across during our research. It comes equipped with solar panels and Christmas lights!



9. Not sure what to do with your tiny gingerbread houses once you’re done? Turn them into ornaments.



10. Finally, we couldn’t resist sharing this teeny tiny gingerbread house by MijbilCreatures. It’s absolutely adorable!



Planning on making your own tiny gingerbread house? Send us pictures and we’ll share them


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