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4 Fun Storage Ideas for your Tiny House

Posted by samwatkins on November 24, 2015
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Downsizing to a tiny house doesn’t mean you have to throw away your trinkets, or rent a storage locker for your winter coats; it just means you have to make every inch of your tiny space count.

Here are some creative storage ideas and solutions for space saving.

1. Multi-purpose Furniture
You have seen multi-purpose furniture in camper vans and tent trailers, and now you can incorporate these items into your tiny house.

A fold down table is perfect for the tiniest of kitchens. It can fasten to the wall when not in use and fold down for dinner parties or extra surface space. We also discovered this neat table, chairs and shelf combination from Orla Reynolds.


Sofa storage is useful in any home. Custom build your sofa to include storage in the arms, back and under cushions, or find something that meets your needs.
Stunning Sofa Sleeper With Storage With Regard To Flip Flop Sofas Regata Seam Gray Sofa Sleeper Pictures - Home Interior Design Ideas

Finally, whether you install these blinds in the kitchen, bathroom, or living area you’re bound to get great use out of them. These multi-purpose blinds fold down to become a laundry rack.
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2. Staircase Shelf or Drawers
No space is wasted when you make the most of your staircase by adding shelves or drawers. This is something you should consider at the beginning of your custom build as it is easier to implement during the initial build than to convert your staircase at a later date.


3. Tilt Drawers
Say goodbye to faux drawer fronts under your sink and say hello to more space for small items.


4. Take Advantage of Vertical Space
Wall mount your TV, fireplace, or even your BBQ!

Do you have a great storage space or space saver idea? We’d love to hear from you.

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